Gas Kiln Fundraiser Sale

All pots are one of a kind and gallery quality. Please specify your preference in your order form (for example mug or bowl or pitcher, etc....) and I will try my best to accommodate. If you do not have a preference, simply write "surprise me."

Thanks for buying a little piece of our future here at Peltzman Pottery. Your reward will not only carry the contents you put in it, but it'll symbolize your hand in our studio advancements and all the pots that come out of this kiln for years to come. Thank You!

Image of $55.00 Contribution-Small Dish Level
$55.00 Contribution-Small Dish Level
Image of $75.00 Contribution-Cup Level
$75.00 Contribution-Cup Level
Image of $90.00 Contribution-Plate Level
$90.00 Contribution-Plate Level
Image of $130.00 Contribution-Bud Vase Level
$130.00 Contribution-Bud Vase Level
Image of $150.00 Contribution-Jar Level
$150.00 Contribution-Jar Level
Image of $175.00 Contribution-Workshop Level
$175.00 Contribution-Workshop Level
Image of $200.00 Contribution-Pitcher/Vase Level
$200.00 Contribution-Pitcher/Vase Level
Image of $250.00 Contribution-Teapot/Oil Can Level
$250.00 Contribution-Teapot/Oil Can Level
Image of $300.00 Contribution-Square Box Level
$300.00 Contribution-Square Box Level
Image of $800.00 Contribution-Large Jar Level
$800.00 Contribution-Large Jar Level

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